At altroxworld, we believe that every project is a unique experience by itself. Our range of CCTV products are chosen from amongst the worlds most advanced technologies and are a great boon to every business. A perfect blend of technology, image quality and utility is created to give the end user his dream surveillance, user-friendly solution. We are a one-stop source for customized electronic surveillance solutions. Come. Experience a new world of Technological Intelligence.

CCD Technology

The Charge Coupled Device, proven technology since 1971. The best Image Sensor for both Day & Night application. Available up to 700TVL.Experience, complete Qpix analog rangeis made of CCD. Experience for uncompromised satisfaction..


H.264 also called as MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is a video compression standard (Codec), and is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video quality at substantially lower bit rates.

Using previously encoded pictures as references in a much more flexible way allows modest improvements in bit rate and quality in most scenes maintaining clarity. All our DVRs and IP Cameras are with H.264 compression format. Qpix DVRs are with H.264 Main profile H.264 format to deliver a high quality video output.

IR Intelligence

Commonly faced challenge in IR Cameras is its performance at night. The IR illumination of light source to its optimum and when an object/person moves closer to the camera, the object is over lighted resulting in whitish ghost effect. Built-in IR Intelligence feature, Camera senses the object proximity and based on the distance, it auto adjusts its IR illumination so that even at a closest distance of 0.5m, face identification is possible with a clear image. Qpix IR intelligence


A Network Video Recorder gets the video from IP Cameras over network and stores it onto a HDD media. Display, Playback and more other features allows you to enjoy the IP Megapixel technology, every frame in detail. State-of-art system architecture design in both hardware and software, software design for system scalability. High quality integration and high performance computing platforms for mission-critical surveillance solutions, especially in the full HD and megapixel video surveillance with Open platform Camera integration, ONVIF and strand streaming protocol support. We are ready for simple 4 Camera NVR solution to 5000Camera NVR solution with DAS, Workstation, VMS upto a city surveillance.


The quality of the video or image is determined by how many pixels are in one frame(screen). High Definition quality : over 1,000,000 pixels in one frame and every frame is considered HD quality. HD can also be called as Mega Pixels.
A 720p Camera has a Resolution of 1280x720 (0.92MP) and "p" stands for Progressive (Non-interlaced) Scan. Our Cameras delivers a resolution of HD at 25fps real-time giving an unmatched Video quality. Demo (Video clip) By default all our Qpix (Qpix IP Cameras) segment are with POE.

Progressive Scanning

Video signals are generated using horizontal lines. An interlaced picture (standard Cameras) draws every other line and alternates between drawing "odd lines" and "even lines". A progressive scan picture draws every line in sequence. Therefore, a progressive scan video signal sends twice as much data than an interlaced signal each time it draws an image on the screen. Progressive scan motion appears smoother and more realistic for a depth in video. Qpix analog and Qpix IP are with the Progressive scanning system.


Ingress Protection rating IP69k is a German standard DIN 40050-9 extends the IEC 60529 rating system described with a rating for high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down applications.Such enclosures must not only be dust tight (IP6X), but also able to withstand high-pressure and steam. Can also be installed under water. IP69k Camera

Rugged PTZ

Heavy-duty slip ring and complete metal casing, an IP66 rating PTZ Camera designed to withstand most rugged applications. Its special Up Tilting angle makes it to point 90 upwards is an advantage compared to limited upview in conventional PTZ cameras.

Its built in dual Camera (fixed wide angle and Zoom) gives a PIP view not to miss video when zoomed in. Best suited for Construction, Public surveillance, military and any rugged applications.

Full HD

A 1080p camera (Full HD) has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (2.07 MP), which is almost twice the resolution (i.e., pixels) of a 720p. Our Cameras delivers a resolution of Full HD at 25fps giving an unmatched crystal clear video quality. Demo

DVR on Keyboard

When Projects require more than 2 DVRs, controlling over a Remote controller is a challenging task. Qpix Keyboards are unique and are compatible with Qpix DVRs ranges to control 255 DVRs. Also generally, all the cables must to routed to a central point where DVRs are planned. With this unique KB, DVRs could be placed at nearest Camera groups at remote places and could be controlled just over a data Cable at the monitoring end. This KB also controls the PTZ Cameras connected to DVRs

960H (Cam & DVR)

The height of analog resolution, 960H(960x572), a step ahead from D1 resolution (704x480). 960H is 240 horizontal lines more than D1, 115K pixels more than D1, 1.6 times bigger than D1 resolution. As the display monitors have grown bigger, D1 may pixelate when displayed on a wider panel. 960H well suites to display on any HD monitor. Qpix 960H Cameras with 700TVL compliments with Qpix 960H DVRs to give the best in analog output segment.


Full Featured Enterprise Class Surveillance Solution with 512Ch Video monitoring with Dual Monitor Display (256 Ch/Monitors) for Windows. Compatible with all Qpix CIF, D1, 960H and HD-SDI DVRs.Smart Search, Multi Grouping, Instant Playback, Thumbnail Search, Multi Site Control, Remote PTZ Control, Remote Health Check, Remote Setup (Config.), Remote Event Search Engine, Remote Date/Time Search Engine, 2-Way Audio (Bi-Directional) will be a one stop solution which you are looking for.Also available 64Ch Client Software for Windows & Mac systems. Mobile Apps for Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry Smart phones..


HD: High Definition The quality of the video or image is determined by how many pixels are in one frame(screen). High Definition quality : over 1,000,000 pixels in one frame and every frame is considered HD quality. HD can also be called as Mega Pixels. SDI: Serial Digital Interface The SDI technology allows un-compressed digital video to be streamed over a single cable. This technology uses 10-bit words of the un-compressed digital video signals to serialize through a 75Ω coaxial cable. HD class can be transmitted up to around 200m over an RG6 Cable. HD-SDI is 6 times bigger in resolution than D1. A solution similar to Analog installation of Cameras & DVRs, with IP (2.0 MP) video quality.

Mobile DVR

Ideal for private cars, school buses, commercial vehicles, police cars from a single vehicle to an entire fleet management system. Mobile DVRs enables to minimize the risks associated with vehicle theft, safety, improves efficiency and productivity. Opportunity to analise after accidents.

World's Smallest IP PTZ

The smallest ever tiny IP PTZ of just 83mm in height, unbelievable? Yes, a tiny PTZ Cameras with 5x OpticalZoom (12x Digital Zoom), 360 Pan and 180 Tilt, Motorised Auto Focus,POE, Auto Map, 1024 Presets,128 Pattern, 128 Scan, 128 Groups (20 entry per group), a Full featured PTZ camera with Full HD (2MP/25fps) is so special in our range. Tiny in size with unmatched HD Quality Video and Price.

Auto Focus

Latency in IP technology challenges to focus lens to its perfect point. It always leaves a doubt. Focus achieved just on vision. One cannot be sure to guarantee for its Perfect focus. New unique technology in Qpix IP cameras incorporated with a Focus motor and state-of-the-art technology reads the focus at multiple points and commands the motor digitally to reposition to its perfect position there by achieving the undoubted Perfect focus. You zoom it, we focus it!

Auto Map & Power PTZ

Auto-map is a unique feature available in Qpix IP PTZ Cameras. No more cumbersome preparation and loading of E-Map. The PTZ scans 360 and creates an E-map image of actual site view in just around 5mnts. Just mark your favorite Preset Points, Scan Zone, Mask area, Pattern and what not on it! Power PTZ is inspired by real 3-Axis Joystick. Right click image for PT direction and Scroll the mouse to Zoom In and Out. PT speed is proportional to the deviation of mouse from the center.

Wide dynamic range

Wide dynamic range (WDR) is intended to provide clear images even under backlighting, where the intensity of illumination varies a lot-namely when there are very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the camera's field of view. Qpix range of WDR Cameras are still more unique, not just WDR On/Off like most Cameras, its been designed with Level adjustment to customize every need.