Thermal Fog Camera1
Thermal Fog Camera1

Thermal Fog Camera is widely manufactured from the high-quality brand of Altrox, the recognized industry in supplying the quality expert products to the required customers. This product of manufacturing and supplying the products might increase the efficiency and clarity of the image accurately.


  • High strength aluminum alloy precision casting shell.   Impact-resistance, anti-corrosion, damp proof and salt fog-proof can be up to Ip67. The heavy-duty designing allows the better Stabilization performance.
  • Zooming Capacity 2KM to 25KM (PTZ with Fog Clear) Visible HD image, Laser-assisted illumination integration,24/7 HD imaging
  • High-definition video camera through the fog, ICR mechanical double filter switch, the back-end control
  • Tailor made Solutions depends upon the Applications.
  • It can be make 2 Kilo Meters to 25 Kilo Meters Zooming and Fog clearance Solutions
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